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Career and technically oriented academic programs in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts can lead to one of fourteen Bachelor of Science degrees and three Associate in Applied Science degrees. These programs provide career paths for first-time students or transfer students from SIU Carbondale orother institutions.

College of Applied Sciences and Arts

Ju An Wang, Dean

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Requirements for Bachelor of Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees as well as additional information foreach major offered can be found by searching our program listing. Schools and programs within the College are:


Major Degree
Architectural Studies
  • Construction Management and Operations Specialization
Fashion Design and Merchandising Baccalaureate
Fire Service Management Baccalaureate
Interior Design Baccalaureate


Major Degree
Aircraft Product Support Minor
Airport Management & Planning Minor
Air Traffic Control Minor
Automotive Technology Baccalaureate
Aviation Flight Associate
Aviation Management Baccalaureate
Aviation Technologies
  • Aircraft Maintenance Specialization
  • Aviation Electronics Specialization
  • Helicopter Specialization

Allied Health 

Major Degree
Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate
Health Care Management Baccalaureate
Mortuary Science and Funeral Service Baccalaureate
Physical Therapist Assistant Associate
Radiologic Sciences
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography Option
  • Medical Diagnostic Sonography (Ultrasound) Option
  • Radiation Therapy Option
  • Radiation Management/ Education

Information Systems and Applied Technologies

Major Degree
Electronic Systems Technologies
  • Electronics Management Specialization
Information Systems Technologies Baccalaureate
Technical Resource Management Baccalaureate

Students with educational and/or occupational backgrounds or with career objectives in the fields of architecture, automotive technology, aviation, electronics, fashion design and merchandising, fire service, health care, information systems, information technology or interior design are encouraged to apply for admission to these career-specific programs. Students also may choose to apply for admission to Technical Resource Management which is a baccalaureate degree program designed especially for technically oriented students seeking career enhancement where no other specific Bachelor of Science degree in the colleges available. Requirements for degree programs and information for each of these majors can be found by searching our program listing.

Students eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Science programs must meet University entrance requirements and program requirements for admission to the major. Transfer students admitted to SIU in good standing are eligible to apply for admission to one of the college’s programs. Students must complete all course work with a 2.0 average C or Betterton a 4.0-point scale to qualify for completion. Students maybe admitted to the college’s off-campus academic programs if requirements stated in the Undergraduate Catalog have been met. Additionally, students must fulfill all SIU requirements including the University Core Curriculum, total hour, residence, and GPA requirements to qualify for completion.

The Capstone Option is available in some majors to qualified students. Capstone reduces the University Core Curriculum from 41 to 30 semester hours. Qualifications and a list of participating programs can be found on the Capstone option page.

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts has several articulation agreements with community colleges located in California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Texas, and Wisconsin. Agreements exist for the following programs: Architectural Management, Technologies, Studies, Automotive Technology, Aviation Technologies, Fire Service Electronic Aviation Systems Management, Information Systems Technologies, and Technical Resource Management. Additionally, linkage agreements exist for several health care programs. For specifics, refer to the program degree requirement page.

Anyone interested in the following online or off-campus programs should contact SIU Extended Campus at (618) 453-3430: Automotive Technology; Aviation Management; Electronic Systems Technologies; Fire Service Management; Health Care Management; Technical Resource Management.

Additional information on the College of Applied Sciences and Arts programs and course offerings is available on the college’s website at or by calling (618)453-7283 or emailing