College of Mass Communication and Media Arts

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Departments: Cinema and Photography; Radio, Television, & Digital Media

Schools: Journalism

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (MCMA) offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Photography and Radio, Television, & Digital Media. The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded in the School of Journalism.  The College also offers four graduate programs, for information on these please see the SIU Graduate Catalog.

Admission to the University is handled through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, but those students who desire more specific information about a major should make an appointment with the academic advisor of that department or school. 

Academic advisors in the College advises prospective students about major requirements, curriculum, extracurricular activities, careers, and opportunities. Transfer students may also discuss transfer credit and placement in courses at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Faculty of the college engage in research and creative activities concerning mass communication and media arts. They also provide consulting service and other community services to schools, newspapers, radio and television stations, museums, businesses, and government. They hold professional memberships and serve as officers in various local, state, national, and international organizations in mass communication and media arts. The College plans a number of special events each year, including lectures by noted artists and media professionals, photography exhibits, and film showings.

Opportunities for practical learning in real world settings include student employment at the Daily Egyptian, a student- run newspaper with a circulation of 27,000, a PBS television station, an NPR radio station, the Saluki Advertising Agency, and the Big Muddy Film Festival, all housed in the College. The River Region Evening Edition, a live newscast aired on PBS, is produced entirely by students under the supervision of a faculty member. Students can participate in internships in media centers across the country, such as Hollywood, Chicago, Nashville, as well as locally.

Administrative offices of the College are located in the Communications Building, which includes the broadcasting facilities, film, video, and multimedia production facilities, the New Media Center, the Daily Egyptian, and the River Region Evening Edition.