Behavior Analysis and Therapy Requirements

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The Bachelor of Science Program in Behavior Analysis and Therapy aims to prepare students to enter into careers in Behavior Analysis and Therapy. Students will be eligible for Bachelor's-level positions as Assistant Behavior Analysts, among a variety of other positions, working in a diverse range of human service agencies with a number of clinical populations. Students will also be competitive applicants for any of the U.S.’s graduate programs in Behavior Analysis.

Program Goals:

  1. Graduates will be coursework eligible for national credentialing as Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), an employment position recognized in the state of Illinois.
  2. Graduates will be extremely competitive for positions of employment at human service agencies serving individuals with intercultural disability, autism, traumatic brain injury, the elderly, and other clinical populations.
  3. Graduates of the program interested in pursuing advanced degrees will be competitive for entry into one of the many masters programs in behavior analysis nation-wide (including the one in the Rehabilitation Institute at SIU, which is internationally recognized as the first graduate training program in the U.S., and is accredited by the Association of Behavior Analysis International).

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Behavior Analysis and Therapy Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements - (Required PSYC 102, PLB 115 or ZOOL 115, REHB 205) 39
Requirements for Major in Behavior Analysis and Therapy:
BAT 200; BAT 312; BAT 406; BAT 430; BAT 433; BAT 440; BAT 441; BAT 445H; BAT 452; BAT 474; BAT 493; BAT 495; BAT 496; PSYC 211 44
Approved Electives: (6 hours at 300-400 level) 37
Total 120