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Requirements for online Major in Business and Administration. Minimum grade of C required for all classes in major area (a grade of C- is not sufficient): (FIN 270, FIN 330, FIN 331, FIN 350; MGMT 202, MGMT 304, MGMT 318, MGMT 341, MGMT 345, MGMT 350, MGMT 380, MGMT 385, MGMT 446, MGMT 481; MKTG 304, MKTG 305, MKTG 336, MKTG 363, MKTG 435, MKTG 463)

For additional courses required see Degree Requirements page.

A major in Business & Administration requires students to earn a minimum grade of C (a grade of C- is not sufficient) in each of those courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the Business & Administration major, and students must earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average for those major courses.