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Histotechnology is a structural science that incorporates elements from anatomy, physiology, immunology and chemistry. Histology is the science dealing with the structure, function and chemical composition of cells of normal and abnormal tissue. The histotechnologist prepares tissue specimens for microscopic examination. Histologic techniques utilize the chemical properties of both tissues and dyes to impart color to particular tissue elements to aid identification and disease diagnosis. Histology is an applied laboratory science, whose practitioners are in great demand in the current job market. A certificate in Histotechnology provides intense training in histotechnology through a combination of lectures, hands-on laboratory experience and clinical internships. Some of the certification requirements can be completed with proper selection of courses as University Core Curriculum substitutes and by using elective courses to fulfill certification requirements. Students are encouraged to discuss their interests with a departmental representative to obtain additional information.

This program admits a limited number of students based on specific selection criteria. Applicants must submit additional application materials to be approved for entry into the Histology certificate program. Students will be evaluated on the number of hours of college credit, and college grade point average as calculated by SIU Carbondale. Students begin the professional sequence each fall only. This certificate program requires the successful completion of clinical internships. In accordance with Federal and State guidelines, the clinical sites will require proof of the following: vaccination for measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, TB, and Hepatitis B; current CPR card; proof of completion of HIPPA and blood-borne pathogens training. Affiliation sites may also require students to undergo a criminal background check and drug screening.