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Welcome to Environmental Studies (ENVS)! Open to all Majors: you can add some “green” to any degree. The Environmental Studies minor is an excellent complement to any major, and serves to enhance your career opportunities. You earn an Environmental Studies minor through 15 credit hours of approved courses that draw from the expertise of faculty and departments across campus. The goal is to broaden your perspective, while allowing you to follow your individual interests. You will expand your viewpoint and gain new skills for environmental analysis. For example, you can learn more about environmental ethics and media, ecology and wildlife; environmental education and policies; green buildings and organizations. The possibilities to widen your knowledge base are nearly endless. This minor helps unify the theme of environmental studies, while creating individual paths for student success.

The Environmental Studies minor is built around one core course, three topic courses (Environment, Society, Skills), and one unifying final course.

Environmental Studies minor

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
Core Course: GEOG 300I 3
Topic Courses - take one from each topic 9
Topic 1 - Environment: BIOL 307; FOR 201; GEOG 104, GEOG 303I, GEOG 330; GEOL 111; GEOL 112; GEOL 220, GEOL 221; HORT 238, HORT 328A, HORT 462, HORT 469; PLB 200, PLB 301I; ZOOL 312I.
Topic 2 - Society: ANTH 370, ANTH 410K; CMST 412; FOR 285, FOR 325; GEOG 100, GEOG 103, GEOG 320; HIST 457; MGMT 474; PH 488; PHIL 307i, PHIL 375; SOC 386.
Topic 3 - Skills: ARC 231, ARC 314I; CP 440; FOR 420, FOR 423; GEOG 310I, GEOG 401; JRNL 301, JRNL 396; KIN 416; MKTG 304; POLS 340; REC 301; RTD 463; TRM 440.
Final Unifying Course:GEOG 470 3
Total 15