Latino and Latin American Studies

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The Latino and Latin American Studies minor is interdisciplinary, designed to provide undergraduates with an enhanced understanding of the culture, history, language, literature, and arts of both Latinos in the United States and the people of Latin America. The minor consists of a minimum of 15 hours that are to be selected from the University’s offerings on these topics and organized to reflect each individual student’s interests. Through coursework in Latino and Latin American Studies, students may prepare themselves for careers in teaching, government, the media, health care, business, law, and the arts, among others. The requirements for the Latino and Latin American Studies minor are listed below.  

Latino and Latin American Studies Minor

There are no language requirements or other prerequisites for the minor.  Latino and Latin American Studies courses do not require a knowledge of Spanish or other foreign languages.  However, a familiarity with Spanish (or any second language) is always an asset.  CoLA majors are strongly encouraged to use introductory Spanish language courses in order to fulfill the college-wide foreign language requirement.  Students who have proficiency in other languages such as Portuguese or an indigenous Latin American language may consult with the Program Coordinator about having them count for the LALAS minor.

Electives can be chosen from the following (note that some have prerequisites or restrictions): AFR 360; ANTH 204, ANTH 205, ANTH 206, ANTH 302, ANTH 310C, ANTH 310E, ANTH 310I, ANTH 416, ANTH 420, ANTH 430B, ANTH 430F; CCJ 203; ECON 419; ENGL 205, ENGL 446; HIST 361, HIST 365, HIST 370A, HIST 370B, HIST 407, HIST 470; LING 416; PHIL 211; POLS 215, POLS 366; PSYC 223; SOC 215, SOC 438, SPAN 304, SPAN 310, SPAN 370B, SPAN 434, SPAN 451, SPAN 461.