Forensic Science Minor

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The Forensic Science minor is an interdisciplinary program of study. It is designed to provide undergraduates with a basic understanding of the ways forensic scientists evaluate physical evidence in criminal investigations, and explore the legal and ethical ramifications of this work. Students pursuing focused majors in preparation for employment or graduate studies in Forensics-related fields can use the minor to inform and broaden their studies on related issues. The program is also intended to develop critical knowledge and skills for evaluating forensic evidence in law, literature, and public media portrayals of forensic scientists.  

It is strongly recommended that the SIU Core Curriculum requirements be satisfied as follows: Social Sciences: ANTH 104; Human Health: PHSL 201 (or 310); Science Group I: CHEM 106; Science Group II: ZOOL 115 (or ZOOL 118); Integrative Studies Multicultural: CCJ 203 or ANTH 202.

Required courses for the Forensic Science Minor amount to 15 hours, including 9 hours of required courses and 6 hours of electives (with no more than 4 of the minimum 6 hours of electives from a single discipline/program).

Forensic Science Minor Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
Required Core Courses: ANTH 231, CCJ 101, CHEM 173 9
Electives: (note, some have prerequisites):AH 313; ANTH 240A, ANTH 440B, ANTH 441D, ANTH 455A, ANTH 455H, ANTH 465 (Internship in Forensics - must be arranged individually); BIOL 305; CCJ 290, CCJ 310, CCJ 330, CCJ 408; CHEM 439; PHIL 104, PHIL 340; PHSL 301; PLB 300, PLB 330; POLS 334; PSYC 305, PSYC 431, PSYC 440; SOC 372 6
Total 15