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Students who officially register for a session must officially withdraw from that registration in a timely manner to avoid being charged as well as receiving a failing grade for those classes. An official withdrawal must be initiated by the student, and processed by the Registrar’s office. Outlined below are the procedures to be followed for course drops and for withdrawing from the University.

Deadline Dates

If Classes Meet for Deadline for Withdrawal to Receive Full Refund Deadline to Withdraw
13–16 weeks 2nd week 10th week
9–12 weeks 2nd week 8th week
8 weeks 2nd week 5th week
7 weeks 1st week 4th week
4–6 weeks 1st week 3rd week
2–3 weeks 1st day 1st week
Less than 2 weeks 1st day 2nd day

Course Drops

Effective Fall 2009 all students that wish to officially add or drop classes will do so within the SalukiNet portal. Unless a student has processed an authorized drop from a course by the deadline in the schedule above, the student will not be allowed to drop the course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the drop process is officially completed. It is probable that a student, who does not drop by the deadlines, but stops attending during the second half of the semester, will receive a grade of WF. Note: ceasing to attend a course may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility and the WF counts as an F in the calculation of the GPA. Students who drop courses after the full refund deadline, but remain enrolled in the University, will not receive any refund.

Withdrawal From the University

Students registered for academic work must obtain a withdrawal if they contemplate leaving the University. Semester withdrawal occurs when all courses for which the student is registered are dropped. If a housing contract has been purchased, the student must contact University Housing to cancel the contract.

Withdrawal from the University is a serious decision, which, in many cases, affects financial assistance status, housing contracts, and academic records. Semester withdrawal is processed through the Registrar's Office. A withdrawal will not be issued beyond the tenth week of the semester unless the reasons for the withdrawal are beyond the student’s control and verified in writing. Warning: if a student obtains a withdrawal after the 100% refund period and is receiving financial assistance, the student may be in violation of the Satisfactory Progress for Financial Assistance policy since no academic credit will be earned for the semester. The table above provides the deadline dates for withdrawal. All credits or refunds are determined by the effective date of the withdrawal and are subject to the direction of the USDOE for the distribution of Title IV funds if applicable.

Students receiving a withdrawal from a full semester length course within the first two weeks will, under normal circumstances, receive a refund of all tuition and fees paid by the student or family. Some or all financial assistance funds, depending on the source, will be returned to their original sources if the student withdraws during the 100% period.

Students who withdraw after the full refund deadline will receive an account credit equal to the appropriate refund of tuition and fees. An administrative fee will be assessed to all students who withdraw from the University and receive a refund beyond the full refund period. The amount of the fee will be a fixed charge of $100. See the following:

Refund Schedule for withdrawals from the University (Effective Fall 2011)
SIU Refund Policy

This chart is based on refunding for full semester length courses.

Percentage of Refund Tuition Fees
Week One 100% 100%
Week Two 100% 100%
Week Three 50% 100%
Week Four 50% 0%
Week Five and after 0% 0%

No tuition refund will be given after week four; no refund of fees will be given after week three. Student medical benefit fee cannot be refunded after week two and payment has been made to carrier. Student fees are charged as a condition of enrollment. Further explanation of tuition and fee refunding may be found at: registrar.siu.edu/schedclass.

Students who officially withdraw from school by the specific withdrawal deadline will receive a credit to their University account. Immediate cash refunds are not given for withdrawal from the University, reduction in credit-hour loads, or overpayment of account. The Bursar processes refunds at least once a week (twice a week during the week before the start of a semester and the first week of a semester) from an automated listing reflecting those accounts with a credit balance. No refunding of tuition and fees is made for a withdrawal occurring after the deadlines, except as described in the section titled Tuition and Fee Refund Policy and Procedures.

Military Service Withdrawal

Special consideration is extended to individuals who leave school for extended military service (six months or longer). These students may choose to withdraw completely. If withdrawing during the third through tenth weeks of school, these students may receive  WMS grades in all classes, with the appropriate refund. When the withdrawal occurs after the tenth week, students will receive both grades and credit hours for the courses in which they are passing. In all instances, a copy of the military orders or a letter from the commanding officer is required for verification of impending military service. To be eligible for these benefits students must remain in school to within 10 days of their military reporting date.

Students in military service with the State of Illinois pursuant to the orders of the Governor have the right to receive a full monetary credit or refund for funds paid to any Illinois public university, college or community college if the person is placed into a period of military service with the State of Illinois in the event of state emergencies pursuant to the orders of the Governor and is unable to attend the university or college for a period of seven or more days. Students may elect to receive course credit for all of their courses rather than a refund.

Withdrawal from the University does not relieve the student from housing contract obligations. Each student who has a contract with the University must contact University Housing and resolve the contract issue with that office.

All students seeking a withdrawal must contact the Registrar’s Office in person or by mail. The effective date of the withdrawal is based on the date the student initiates the withdrawal process, provided the student completes the requirements for the withdrawal. Incomplete applications for withdrawal will be denied. Any student who fails to comply with the withdrawal procedures will receive grades for the semester and must satisfy the financial obligations for the semester.