Aviation Flight Requirements

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The Aviation Flight program is designed to prepare beginning students for the Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Pilot Certificate including the multi-engine and instrument ratings. Instruction is conducted at Southern Illinois Airport, Carbondale, Illinois. Flight theory courses will supplement and complement each flight course. In order to maintain the highest possible standards for flight and theory courses, each lesson of every course is submitted to and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA designated check pilots will examine the student’s performance and effectiveness periodically during each flight course. University Core Curriculum Requirements and basic science courses will be supplemented with a required core of flight courses and other related technical courses to enhance the student’s professional value to the aviation industry.  A grade of C or better is required for all Aviation Flight (AF) courses to satisfy the requirements for a major in Aviation Flight. Students can only repeat a maximum of two failed AF courses. In addition to the University tuition and fees, substantial lab fees are assessed for each flight course. For current charges, contact the Aviation Flight program.

The Associate in Applied Science degree can be completed in two academic years plus one summer semester at Southern Illinois University Carbondale or in combination with community college or other acceptable extra-instructional educational experience; however, the twenty-one credit hours of aviation flight courses must be taken at SIU. If a Private Pilot certificate is earned prior to enrollment at SIU, students will be required to take AF 199. Upon successful completion of AF 199, credit will be given for AF 201A and AF 201B. Contact the Aviation Flight program at 618-453-1147 for further information.

The aviation flight degree program requires the submission of a program application in addition to the University admission application. One cannot be fully admitted to the SIU Aviation Flight Program until the response to the second application is received. All applicants must satisfy University baccalaureate entrance requirements in order to be admitted to the University and to the Aviation Flight applicant pool. Enrollment in Aviation Flight will be based on selective criteria. It is recommended that the program application be completed and returned to the Aviation Flight Program by December 1 of the year prior to desired Fall enrollment in the program or four months prior to desired Spring or Summer term entry.

After completing the Aviation Flight program the majority of graduates proceed on to a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management (AVM) degree program on a “Two-Plus-Two” basis. In conjunction with enrollment in the Aviation Management program, Aviation Flight graduates are eligible for a wide range of flight operations internships at such airlines as United, Delta, and American. Also available is a flight internship experience via the SIU Aviation Flight program as a flight instructor. Finally, AF 220 “Practicum in Air Carrier Operations” offers post-associate course work and flight experience as a pilot in command of the University’s twin-engine aircraft.

Aviation Flight has a Random Student Drug Testing Program. For details refer to the program website at aviation.siu.edu/management/safety.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Aviation Flight Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum 15
ENGL 101, ENGL 102, CMST 101, University Core Group I Science and MATH 108 or MATH 125 or Advanced University Core Math
Requirements for the Major in Aviation Flight Core Requirements 45
Aviation Flight Courses: AF 201A, AF 201B, AF 203, AF 204, AF 206A, AF 206B, AF 207A, AF 207B 24
Aviation Flight Technical Courses: AF 101, AF 200, AF 202, AF 205, AF 210, AF 211, AF 260 21
Total 60

All Aviation Flight courses are restricted to AF majors.