Anthropology Requirements

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Anthropology is the study of humans and their cultures in terms of universal features, variability, and development through time. The major subdivisions are socio-cultural anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and (biological) physical anthropology. Anthropology provides capable students with an intensive program emphasizing early integration into upper division coursework. This major is appropriate for the outstanding liberal arts student seeking a distinctive program. Grades below C in Anthropology courses will not be accepted as fulfilling major requirements.

Students are expected to gain a broad background in all subfields, after which the options of further general study or specialization are available. Students are encouraged to supplement their anthropological studies with work in other social sciences, and where appropriate, in biology, earth sciences, humanities, mathematics, or other areas.

Most professional anthropologists find employment as teachers and researchers in colleges and universities. However, a major in anthropology provides the student with a unique liberal arts background bridging the humanities, social, earth, biological, and chemical sciences, which leads to many other professional opportunities outside of teaching and research.

An anthropology major is required to take ANTH 240A, ANTH 240C, ANTH 240D, one ANTH 300-level and two ANTH 400-level courses. No more than six hours of ANTH 460 (independent study) and no more than six hours of additional 200-level course work (i.e., in addition to the 240 series) may be applied to the major. Anthropology seniors are required to participate in the Senior Seminar (ANTH 480). It should be noted that graduate programs often require foreign language and mathematical background beyond that required by the undergraduate program. Students not interested in advanced study will be advised on an individual basis reflecting their own particular interests and aspirations.

Students with scholarly promise are encouraged to write an honors thesis under the direction of an anthropology faculty member in the spring of their senior year. This thesis can be part of an Anthropology Honors Major (see below), although students who are not enrolled in University Honors may also write an honors thesis.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Anthropology Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 39
College of Liberal Arts Academic Requirements 12

Requirements for Major in Anthropology - ANTH 240A, ANTH 240B, ANTH 240C, ANTH 240D, and ANTH 480 required,

An additional nine hours: three of ANTH 310 or ANTH 328 series, three of ANTH 410 series, and three more of 400-level course work in anthropology

Plus 9 credit hours of electives in anthropology.

Electives 36
Total 120

Anthropology Minor

A minor in anthropology consists of at least 15 hours including at least two of the four courses: ANTH 240A, ANTH 240B, ANTH 240C, ANTH 240D, and a minimum of three of the remaining nine hours of ANTH 310 series or ANTH 400 -level courses.

Related interdisciplinary minors are also available in several areas, including Africana Studies, Forensic Science, Latino and Latin American Studies, Native American Studies, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. See separate listings under these minors for full descriptions.

Anthropology Honors Major

Outstanding students enrolled in the University Honors Program may pursue an Honors Major in Anthropology. Requirements are identical to those for a regular Bachelor of Arts Degree (including 32 hours in Anthropology) except that at least eight classes must be honors classes; usually, these are four UHON classes in years one and two, and four Anthropology honors classes in years three and four.

Honors classes in Anthropology include the following: ANTH 310H (Peoples and Cultures of xxx/world area-these change, and honors students can use ANTH 310H to take an honors enhanced version of any one); ANTH 405H (How to do Anthropological Research-honors section); and ANTH 499 (Honors Thesis). In addition, students may receive Honors credit for a non-Honors course through an Honors contract with the course instructor.

Anthropology Students Doing a Semester Abroad

Anthropology students are encouraged to study abroad as an enrichment of their B.A. in anthropology. Although programs will vary, this plan assumes that the student will be able to take at least one 300- or 400-level equivalent that can serve as an elective in Anthropology. Note that while it is also possible to fulfill the language requirement for the College of Liberal Arts in intensive language study during one semester of study abroad, this must be approved by the Dean’s office.