Cinema Requirements

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The School of Media Arts offers undergraduate programs in Cinema and in Radio, Television, and Digital Media.

Students who choose a B.A. in Cinema focus on the history, theory, and practice of the still and moving image within the broader framework of evolving technologies and an education in media arts that is grounded in the arts and the humanities. The course of study favors the integration of theory and practice and emphasizes experimentation and exploration across cinema, photography and their varied extensions in analog, digital, computational and intermedia arts practices, e.g., installation, performance, and immersive environments. It prepares students for careers in fine arts, commercial, professional, and educational settings: to explore the social, cultural, and political implications of media arts and culture; and, to engage with contemporary media arts practice.

Grades below C in any Cinema courses will not be accepted for fulfilling requirements in the major and in some cases course grades of B (3.00) or better are required. See course descriptions for prerequisite requirements. Without exception, Cinema courses in which students have received grades of D, F, AU, or INC cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite requirements for other Cinema courses.

Courses in Cinema may have limited enrollments, especially advanced courses. Not all courses are offered each semester. Admission to certain courses is restricted, and consent of school or permission of instructor must be obtained prior to registration. Consent of school to register for some courses may be based upon grade point average, performance in the program, and submission of creative portfolio, scholarly papers, and/or written proposals for work to be accomplished. Students are encouraged to plan well in advance to ensure meeting course prerequisites and to fulfill all requirements of the major.

Student enrollment in Cinema may be canceled for those who do not attend all class meetings during the first week of classes. Fees will be assessed for supplies and materials in some courses. Students should inquire about fee amounts before registering.

All students in the cinema major take a two semester sequence of foundation courses in the School of Media Arts. These courses offer a time for exploration and discovery as students develop their creative process, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. The foundation courses immerse students in the making of media arts, as well as media arts history and theory resulting in the development of a critical practice as students learn to better reflect on their studio work. The foundation curriculum provides a rigorous and exciting course of study, exposing students to a range of art, design and media practices which will be the foundational support for their entire education and their creative life after graduation.

A maximum of 60 credit hours of Cinema coursework may be used to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements.

Students transferring credits from another institution must complete a minimum of 35 credit hours of their Cinema major coursework at SIU Carbondale (SIUC).

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Cinema Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 39
Cinema Major Requirements 48
School of Media Arts Foundation Courses 18
CIN 301, CIN 302, CIN 341, CIN 342, CIN 361, CIN 362
Cinema Requirements 30
CIN 101 3
CIN 400-level electives 12
CIN 400-level Studies elective 3
CIN 300-level or 400-level electives 9
CIN 300-level or 400-level Studies elective 3
No more than six credit hours from a combination of CIN 491, CIN 492, CIN 494, CIN 495, and CIN 497 may count toward the Cinema major requirement.
University Approved Minor 15
Not required for transfer students with 50 credit hours or more from another institution
Electives 18
A maximum of 60 credit hours of CIN coursework may be used to complete Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. A minimum of 49 credit hours of CIN coursework is required for the major and up to 11 additional credit hours in CIN coursework may be used toward electives.
Total 1 120

1 Must include 42 credit hours of 300-400 level, senior institution coursework. Must complete either last 30 credit hours or a total of 90 credit hours at SIU.