Interior Design Requirements

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The Interior Design program is continually responsive to the demands and standards of qualification of the profession and its related fields. The program is accredited by the Council For Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), 206 Granville Ave., STE. 350, Grand Rapids, MI. 49503, 618-458-0400. A four-year curriculum is offered resulting in a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design that is a CIDA Accredited Professional Level Program.

Students receive a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education in preparation for design and administrative positions in the fields of commercial, contract and residential design. The program prepares students for entry-level interior design practice, for advanced study, and to apply for membership in professional interior design organizations. The Bachelor of Science degree granted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale meets the educational requirement for eligibility to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination (NCIDQ Exam).

The approach toward interior design education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale provides a comprehensive technical emphasis as the basis for problem solving. At the core of the required course work are classes and studios which provide knowledge of design and the design process including programming, schematic design, design development, and construction documents. Support courses to complement and enhance the core consist of drawing, presentation, furniture, materials, history, lighting, acoustics, mechanical systems, professional practice and topics current to the profession.

The amount of material to be covered, the fast pace of assignments, and the pressure of critical reviews combine to produce a highly charged and energetic atmosphere. Successful students must be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously and demonstrate an ability to manage their time wisely.

To support students in their educational endeavors, sophomores, juniors and seniors are provided dedicated studio space. Program facilities include a resource library, model/furniture shop, a dedicated computer graphics laboratory, a digital fabrication lab, and virtual reality facilities. The computer graphics laboratory provides access to input/output devices. However, each student is required to purchase or lease a laptop computer and software that meet program specifications prior to starting the program. Laptop and software specifications are found on the school's website. 

While facilities are provided for use, costs for supplies, individual equipment, and required field trips and workshops necessary to the successful completion of the program are borne by the student. Due to the variation in individual materials use, it is impossible to predict the exact costs for each student. A reasonable estimate of additional expenses is in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 per academic year.

The interior design program maintains the right to retain student work for exhibition or for records and accreditation purposes. Students are advised to assemble digital files of their work for their portfolios.

Students are encouraged to participate in profession related student organizations which include the International Interior Design Association and American Institute of Architecture Students. Other activities designed to enhance the overall quality of education include the University Honors Programs, travel study programs, workshops, guest lectures, and residence hall living learning communities. Students are required to have a valid passport by the beginning of their third year.

Prospective students attending another college or university prior to transferring to Southern Illinois University Carbondale should concentrate on completing courses articulated or approved as substitutes for Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s University Core Curriculum requirements. Prior to taking courses that appear to equate to the professional sequence, the applicant should consult with the program director or designated representative.

Students must pass all Interior Design and Architectural Studies prefix courses with a minimum grade of C- in order to satisfy prerequisites and to graduate. If a student receives a grade of F three times in the same course, the course cannot be taken again. Students cannot repeat Interior Design or Architectural Studies prefix courses in which they received a grade of C or better.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interior Design Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 39
Foundational Skills 13
UNIV 101 1
CMST 101 3
ENGL 101, ENGL 102 6
MATH 111 1 3
Disciplinary Studies 23
Fine Arts (ID 231 or ID 232) 3
Human Health 2
Humanities (HIST 101A and HIST 101B) 6
Physical Science (PHYS 101) 3
Life Science 3
Social Science 6
Integrative Studies (Multicultural/Diversity) 3
Requirements for Major (15)+81
AD 207A, AD 207B, or AD 207C 3
HIST 101A (3)
HIST 101B (3)
MATH 111 (3)+1
PHYS 101 (3)
ID 121, ID 122, ID 231, ID 232, ID 242, ID 251, ID 252, ID 271, ID 331, ID 341, ID 351, ID 361, ID 372, ID 374, ID 391, ID 392, ID 432, ID 451, ID 471, ID 481, ID 482, ID 491, ID 492 2 3+(77)
Total 120

1 MATH 108 and MATH 109 substitute for MATH 111.

2 ID 231 or ID 232, HIST 101A, HIST 101B, PHYS 101 and MATH 111 will apply toward 15 hours of University Core Curriculum.