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Co-sponsored by the School of Theater and Dance and the School of Music, the B.F.A. in Musical Theater is a professional degree program designed to prepare students for a career in musical theater performance. All students must audition to enter the program. Toward the end of their 3rd semester, B.F.A. candidates must pass a jury of singing, acting and dance, along with a review of their efforts to date in order to continue in the program. The degree requires 120 credit hours for graduation, 79 of which must be in music, theater and dance. Those students not passing their jury will receive advisement as to other options in music and theater. In addition to their coursework, B.F.A. Musical Theater students are required to audition for all musicals and plays, and attend the pre-determined number of plays and concerts. B.F.A. MT students are waived from the College of Liberal Arts foreign language requirements and from mandatory music ensemble participation required each semester of applied study. B.F.A. MT students are required to meet only 2 semesters of ensemble requirement.  

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Offerings: B.F.A.

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