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Established in 2021, the College of Arts and Media (CAM) promotes scholarly rigor, innovative experimentation, and creative production. Here, students find opportunities in Architecture, Art and Design, Journalism, Media Arts, Music, and Theater. The college’s mix of liberal arts and conservatory programs inspires new generations of gifted artists and designers, as well as curious scholars and storytellers, forged in an environment of vision, depth, knowledge, praxis, and courage. The college boasts a range of nationally accredited and internationally recognized programs, composed of a diverse faculty of respected scholars and award-winning creative professionals who mentor students to achieve academic excellence, to address grand challenges, and find rewarding careers in the 21st century.

The College of Arts and Media consists of 6 academic units that offer the following undergraduate degrees, minors, and certificates.

School of Architecture

  • B.S. Architectural Studies
  • B.S. Fashion Studies
  • B.S. Interior Design
  • Construction Management and Operations, Minor

School of Art and Design

  • B.F.A. Art
  • B.A. Art
  • Art, Minor
  • Art Education, Minor
  • Art History, Minor
  • Industrial Design, Minor

School of Journalism and Advertising

  • B.S. Journalism
  • Journalism, Minor

School of Media Arts

  • B.A. Cinema
  • B.A. Radio, Television, and Digital Media
  • Animation, Minor
  • Cinema, Minor
  • Television Studies, Minor
  • Visual and Screen Cultures, Minor

School of Music

  • B.F.A. Musical Theater (with School of Theater and Dance)
  • B.A. Music
  • B.M. Music
  • Music, Minor

School of Theater and Dance

  • B.F.A. Musical Theater (with School of Music)
  • B.A. Theater
  • Theater, Minor 

Admission and Graduation Policies

New and transfer students eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts programs must meet University entrance requirements and program requirements for admission to the major. Students must complete all coursework with a 2.0 average (C or better) on a 4.0-point scale to qualify for completion. Additionally, students must fulfill all academic program and SIU requirements including the University Core Curriculum, total credit hour, residency, and GPA requirements to qualify for completion. 

Course Sequence

It is important that required courses in the program be taken in the proper sequence.  Sequence guidelines are available from the college advisement office and through the schools. Courses at the 300- and 400-level are generally reserved for juniors and seniors.

Transfer Students

Students enrolled in community colleges who plan to transfer to the college should take courses that satisfy the core curriculum. For recommendation of major specific courses, please refer to the program page in the catalog. Students may transfer at any time, but there are advantages in having completed a baccalaureate-oriented associate degree program. Community college students may contact the College Advisement Office for course recommendations applicable to majors in the college.

Living Learning Communities

Students residing in University Housing can opt to join a Living Learning Community, or LLC, and live with other students who share similar majors or interests. The College of Arts and Media offers two different LLCs. 

The Architecture, Art & Design LLC is available for students enrolled in Architectural Studies, Art & Design, Fashion Studies, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture degree programs. This LLC provides study rooms, drafting tables, and a small reference library on the floor. 

A Communications LLC is dedicated to the students in the School of Media Arts and the School of Journalism and Advertising, and is located on West Campus in Kellogg Hall, a five-minute walk from the schools’ homes in the Communications Building.


Council for Interior Design Association (CIDA)

  • B.S. Interior Design

National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)

  • B.A. Music
  • B.M. Music

National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

  • B.F.A. Art
  • B.A. Art
  • B.A. Cinema
  • B.S. Fashion Studies
  • B.S. Interior Design

National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST)

  • B.F.A. Musical Theater
  • B.A. Theater



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College of Arts and Media

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