Physiology Requirements

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The School of Biological Science Physiology program offers training in mammalian, cellular and comparative physiology, pharmacology, and human anatomy. Students majoring in physiology are encouraged to gain research experience under faculty supervision. The undergraduate major provides general rather than specialized training in physiology. To become a professional physiologist usually requires the completion of an advanced degree in the field. An undergraduate major in physiology would provide an excellent foundation for those planning a career in teaching or research or a medical field such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing or medical technology. Students considering a major in Physiology should discuss their program with the Program Director for Undergraduate Studies in Physiology. A grade of C or better is required in every Physiology course used to satisfy the major's requirements for a degree in Physiology. A student cannot repeat a course or its equivalent in which a grade of B or better was earned without the consent of the School.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physiology Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 1 39
Requirements for Major in Physiology (14)+61
PHSL 310 (2)+3
PHSL 410A, PHSL 410B 8
Physiology electives - (11 hours at the 300 or 400-level) 11
BIOL 211 & BIOL 212 or BIOL 213 (6)+2
BIOL 304, BIOL 305, BIOL 306, BIOL 409 (any two) 6
CHEM 200, CHEM 201, CHEM 202, CHEM 210, CHEM 211, CHEM 212, CHEM 340, CHEM 341, CHEM 350, CHEM 351, CHEM 442, CHEM 443 (3)+22
PHYS 203A, PHYS 203B; PHYS 253A, PHYS 253B 8
MATH 150 2 (3)+1
Supportive Skills: To include foreign language (two Semesters at 200 level); or two from the following: ENGL 290 or ENGL 291 or ENGL 391 or ENGL 491; PLB 360 or Math 282; CS 200, CS 2012 3 6
Electives 14
Total 120

1 Total of fourteen hours of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physiology elective course work are accounted for in the 41-hour Core Curriculum requirement.

2 Prerequisite is MATH 111 or MATH 108 and MATH 109. The elective hours are reduced by 4 hours for students who place into a course lower than calculus.

3 If two years of a foreign language are taken to complete this requirement, the total hours will be 16. The elective hours are reduced by 10 hours.

Physiology Minor

A minor in Physiology requires completion, with at least a C grade, of PHSL 410A, PHSL 410B (8 hours) and eight hours of 300 or 400-level courses offered by the School.

Junior-Senior Honors Program

Juniors who have shown outstanding ability in biology courses and related subjects in their freshman and sophomore years may apply for acceptance into the honors program. Honors students do independent study in the physiological sciences (PHSL 491) during their junior and senior years.

Technology Fee

The College of Agricultural, Life, and Physical Sciences assesses undergraduate majors a technology fee of $4.58 per credit hour up to 12 credit hours. The fee is charged Fall and Spring semester.