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The first entry for each course is a three-digit numeral plus, in some cases, a single letter which together with the subject area, serves to identify the course. Students are encouraged to use DegreeWorks (available through SalukiNet) to discover the University Core Curriculum courses required for their catalog year and major.

I. Foundation Courses

Course Title
CI 220 Mathematics Content and Methods for Elementary School II
CMST 101 Introduction to Oral Communication: Speech, Self, and Society
ENGL 101 English Composition I
ENGL 102 English Composition II
ENGL 120H Honors Advanced Freshman Composition
LING 101 English Composition I for ESL Students
LING 102 English Composition II for ESL Students
MATH 101 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 102 Basics of Data Science
MATH 106 College Algebra Enhanced
MATH 108 College Algebra
MATH 109 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
MATH 110 Non-Technical Calculus
MATH 111 Precalculus
MATH 125 Technical Mathematics with Applications
MATH 139 Finite Mathematics
MATH 140 Short Course in Calculus
MATH 141 Short Course in Calculus for Biological Sciences
MATH 150 Calculus I
MATH 150H Honors Calculus I
MATH 151 Calculus I Enhanced
MATH 220 Mathematics Content and Methods for the Elementary School II
MATH 221 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 250 Calculus II
MATH 251 Calculus III
MATH 282 Introduction to Statistics
STAT 102 Basics of Data Science
STAT 282 Introduction to Statistics
UNIV 100A, B, C Inquiry: Dual Admission
UNIV 101A Saluki Success
UNIV 101U Saluki Success
UNIV 301 Backpack to Briefcase

II. Disciplinary Studies

Fine Arts

Course Title
AD 100A Foundation Studio A
AD 100B Foundation Studio B
AD 101 Introduction to Visual Culture
ARC 231 Architectural History I
ARC 232 Architectural History II
ARC 314I Expressions in Architecture
CIN 101 Introduction to Screen Studies
CIN 101H Honors Film History and Analysis
CIN 354I Mass Media Culture and American Studies
ENGL 119 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 119H Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 206A Literature Among the Arts: The Visual
ENGL 307I Film as Literary Art
HIST 201 Art, Music and Ideas in the Western World
ID 231 Architectural History I
ID 232 Architectural History II
LCIS 200A Masterpieces of World Literature-France and Francophone Countries
LCIS 200B Masterpieces of World Literature-Germany, Switzerland, Austria
LCIS 200C Masterpieces of World Literature-Hispanic Literature
MUS 103 Music Understanding
MUS 106 The History of Rock and Roll
MUS 357A Music History I
MUS 357B Music History II
RTD 362I Sound, Art, and Practice
THEA 101 Theater Insight
THEA 220 Freshman Theater Seminar
UHON 351F Honors Seminar in Fine Arts

Human Health

Course Title
AH 241 Intro to Physiology & Human Anatomy
BIOL 202 Human Genetics and Human Health
CARE 205 Disability and Chronic Conditions
CARE 205H Disability and Chronic Disorders
HND 101 Personal Nutrition
KIN 101 Current Concepts of Physical Fitness
KIN 201 Intro to Human Movement Science
PH 101 Foundations of Human Health
PHSL 201 Human Physiology
PHSL 310 Principles of Physiology
UHON 351L Honors Seminar in Human Health


Course Title
AD 207A Introduction to Art History I
AD 207B Introduction to Art History II
AD 207C Introduction to Art History III
AD 358 Art of Small Scale Cultures
AD 368 Pre-Columbian Art
ASL 120A, B Beginning Sign Language
ASL 220A, B Intermediate American Sign Language
ASL 370 Deaf Culture
ASL 375 History of Sign Language
CHIN 120A, B Elementary Chinese
CHIN 201A, B Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 370 Contemporary China
CIN 358I Introduction to Peace Studies
CLAS 130A, B Elementary Classical Greek
CLAS 133A, B Elementary Latin
CLAS 201A, B Intermediate Greek
CLAS 202A, B Intermediate Latin
CLAS 230 Greek Mythology
CLAS 230H Greek Mythology-Honors
CLAS 270 Greek Civilization
CLAS 271 Roman Civilization
CLAS 304A Ancient Philosophy
CLAS 304B Ancient Technologies and the Greek Philosophers
CLAS 315I Classical Themes and Contemporary Life: Seminar Series
EA 102 East Asian Civilization
EA 300 Masterpieces of East Asian Literatures
ENGL 121 The Western Literary Tradition
ENGL 121H The Western Literary Tradition Honors
ENGL 204 Literary Perspectives of the Modern World
ENGL 209 Introduction to Genre
GEOL 329H Geomythology Honors
GEOL 329I Geomythology
GER 101A German Language and Culture I
GER 101B German Language and Culture II
GER 201A Intermediate German: Cultural Encounters
GER 201B Intermediate German: Cultural Encounters
GER 230 Germanic and Norse Mythology
HCM 395 Health Care Ethics
HIST 101A The History of World Civilization I-To Industrialization
HIST 101B The History of World Civilization II-Since the Age of Encounter
HIST 203 Democracy, Civil Engagement, and Leadership
HIST 207 World History
HIST 358I Introduction to Peace Studies
INTL 300 Introduction to International Studies
JPN 131A, B Elementary Japanese
JPN 201A, B Intermediate Japanese
JPN 370 Japanese Culture
JRNL 334 Ethics in Media, Culture and Society
JRNL 399 First Freedoms
LING 200 Language, Society, and the Mind
LING 375 History of Sign Language
LCIS 320 Caribbean Cultures and Literatures
LCIS 330 French Culture Through Cinema
MATH 300I History of Mathematics
PHIL 102 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 103A, B World Humanities
PHIL 104 Ethics
PHIL 105 Elementary Logic
PHIL 303I Philosophy and the Arts
PHIL 304A Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 304B Ancient Technologies and the Greek Philosophers
PHIL 305A Modern Philosophy - Metaphysics and Epistemology
PHIL 305B Modern Philosophy - Moral and Political Philosophy
PHIL 307I Philosophy of Science, Nature and Technology
PHIL 309I Philosophy of Peace, Law, and Justice
PHIL 334 Ethics in Media, Culture and Society
PHIL 340 Ethical Theories
PHIL 399 First Freedoms
PSYC 207 Peace Psychology: Harmony with Nature and Human Beings
SPAN 201A, B Intermediate Spanish
UHON 351U Honors Seminar in Humanities


Course Title

Group I.

CHEM 106 Chemistry and Society
CHEM 140A Chemistry
CHEM 200 Intro to Chemical Principles
CHEM 201 General Chemistry Lab I
CHEM 205 Atoms & Molecules for CHEM Majors
CHEM 205H Chemistry of Atoms & Molecules for Honors
CHEM 207 Atoms & Molecules Workshop for CHEM Majors
CHEM 207H Atoms & Molecules Workshop for Honors
CHEM 215 Chemistry of Matter for CHEM Majors
CHEM 215H Chemistry of Matter for Honors
CHEM 217 Chem of Matter Workshop for CHEM Majors
CHEM 217H Chemistry of Matter Workshop for Honors
GEOG 104 Weather, Climate, and Society
GEOG 303I Physical Geography
GEOG 310I Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 111 Geology and the Environment
GEOL 112 Geology and the Environment Laboratory Learning
GEOL 113 Field Geology of Southern Illinois and Vicinity
GEOL 121 The History of the Earth
GEOL 122 Natural Hazards and Catastrophes
GEOL 123 Natural Hazards and Catastrophes Laboratory
GEOL 124 History of the Earth Laboratory
GEOL 128 The Dinosaurian World
GEOL 129 DinoLab
GEOL 130 The Planets
GEOL 131 The Planets Laboratory Learning
GEOL 220 The Dynamic Earth
GEOL 220H The Dynamic Earth
GEOL 221 Earth Through Time
GEOL 221H Earth Through Time
GEOL 222 Environmental Geology
GEOL 223 Intro Geology Laboratory
GEOL 224 Earth Through Time Laboratory
GEOL 225 Physical Geology in the Field
PHYS 101 Physics that Changed the World
PHYS 103 Astronomy
PHYS 203A, B College Physics
PHYS 205A, B University Physics
PHYS 253A, B College Physics Lab
PHYS 255A, B University Physics Lab
PHYS 305 Modern Physics
PHYS 355 Modern Physics Lab
SCI 210A Integrated Science I
UHON 351S1 Honors Seminar in Physical Science

Group II.

ANTH 240A Human Biology: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology
BIOL 211 Intro Cell Biology and Genetics
BIOL 212 Intro Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 213 Intro Organismal Form and Function
MICR 201 Elementary Microbiology
PHSL 201 Human Physiology
PHSL 208 Lab Experiences in Physiology
PLB 115 General Biology
PLB 117 Plants and Society
PLB 200 General Plant Biology
PLB 301I Environmental Issues
SCI 210B Integrated Science II
UHON 351S2 Honors Seminar in Life Science
ZOOL 115 General Biology
ZOOL 118 Principles of Animal Biology
ZOOL 220 Animal Diversity

Social Science

Course Title
ABE 204 Intro Economics of Food, Fiber, and Natural Resources
ABE 300I Social Perspectives on Environmental Issues
AGRI 300I Social Perspectives on Environmental Issues
ANTH 104 The Human Experience-Anthropology
ANTH 205 Latin American Civilizations
ANTH 340E Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
CI 227 Intimate Relationships and Family Development
ECON 113 Economics of Contemporary Social Issues
ECON 240 Intro To Microeconomics
ECON 241 Intro To Macroeconomics
ECON 302I History and Philosophy of the World's Economic Systems
EDUC 214 Human Development & Learning
FIN 200 Personal Finance
FOR 125 Forestry and Natural Resource Conservation
GEOG 100 Environmental Conservation
GEOG 103 World Geography
GEOG 300I Geography, People, and the Environment
HCM 366 Health Information Management
HIST 110 Twentieth Century America
HIST 112 The Twentieth Century World
HIST 205A History of Western Civilization-Ancient Times - 16th Century
HIST 205B History of Western Civilization-17th Century - Present
HIST 301 Modern America from 1877 to the Present
JRNL 306I International Media Systems
JRNL 314I American Politics and the Mass Media
LAC 300I Social Perspectives on Environmental Issues
MCMA 200 Media and Information Literacy
PARL 105 Introduction to Law
POLS 114 Introduction to American Politics
POLS 250 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 314I American Politics and the Mass Media
POLS 332I Introduction to Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
POLS 372I Politics of the Global Economy
PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 102H Honors Introduction to Psychology
SOC 108 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 306I Popular Culture in Society
SOC 340 Sociology of Family
UHON 351O Honors Seminar in Social Science
WGSS 286 Intimate Relationships and Family Development
ZOOL 312I Conservation of Natural Resources

III. Multicultural Diversity

Course Title
AD 227 History of African American Art
AD 267 Picturing Difference: Identity and Representation in Visual Culture
AD 307I Women in Visual Arts: Social and Educational Contexts
AD 317I Contemporary Native American Art: Anthropological Perspective
AFR 215 Black American Experience in a Pluralistic Society
AFR 227 History of African American Art
AFR 303I Women, Blues & Literature
AFR 325 Black American Writers
ANTH 202 America's Diverse Cultures
ANTH 204 Latino Cultures in America
AVM 298 Multicultural Applied Experience
CCJ 203 Crime, Justice and Social Diversity
CDS 310 Cultural Diversity Aspects of Communication
CMST 201 Performing Culture
CMST 301I Communication Across Cultures
DH 298 Multicultural Applied Experience
DH 417 Multicultural/Geriatrics/IPC
EDUC 211 Diversity in Education
ENGL 205 Cultural Diversity in American Literature
ENGL 212 Introduction to American Studies
ENGL 225 Women in Literature
ENGL 325 Black American Writers
ENGR 304I Social History of American Technology
ENGR 305 Archae-Engineering
FR 200 Women in French and Francophone Literatures
HIST 202 America's Religious Diversity
HIST 212 Introduction to American Studies
HIST 300 The Origins of Modern America: 1492-1877
HIST 366 American Indian History
HTEM 256 Multicultural Foods
INTL 301 Working Internationally
KIN 210 Diversity in American Sport
LCIS 298 Multicultural Applied Experience
LING 201 Language Diversity in the USA
LING 298 Multicultural Applied Experience
LING 320I Language, Gender, and Power
MCMA 204 Alternative Media in a Diverse Society
MUS 203 Diversity and Popular Music in American Culture
MUS 303I Women, Blues and Literature
PHIL 210 The American Mind
PHIL 211 Philosophy and Diversity: Gender, Race and Class
PHIL 308I Asian Religions: A Philosophical Approach
POLS 215 Politics of Diversity in the United States
POLS 352I Ethnicity, Nationalism and Culture
PSYC 223 Diversity in the Workplace
PSYC 233 Psychology of Gender in Diverse Contexts
SOC 215 Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States
SOC 223 Introduction to Gender and Society
SOC 298 Multicultural Applied Experience
SOC 304I Global Perspectives on the Family
UHON 351M Honors Seminar in Multicultural Diversity in the United States
WGSS 200 Women in French and Francophone Literatures
WGSS 201 Multicultural Perspectives on Women, Gender and Sexuality
WGSS 223 Introduction to Gender and Society
WGSS 225 Women in Literature
WGSS 233 Psychology of Gender in Diverse Context
WGSS 298 Multicultural Applied Experience Option
WGSS 301I Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
WGSS 303I Women, Blues and Literature
WGSS 307I Women in the Visual Arts: Social and Educational Contexts
WGSS 320I Language, Gender and Power