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SIU Carbondale is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that allows transfer of the completed Transferable General Education Core Curriculum between participating institutions. Completion of the General Education Core Curriculum at any participating college or university in Illinois assures transferring students that general education requirements for the bachelor’s degree have been satisfied. This agreement is in effect for students entering an associate or baccalaureate degree-granting institution as a first-time freshman in Summer 1998 (and thereafter).

Students who have completed the Illinois Transferable General Education Core (IAIGECC) and have been certified as complete by the sending institution will have completed the University Core Curriculum requirements for general graduation purposes at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Certification of the Illinois Transferable General Education Core must contain the minimum requirements shown on the following chart:

Illinois Transferrable General Education Core Curriculum Minimum Requirements

Area Number of Courses Semester Hours Special Requirements
Communication 3 9 Two Writing, one Oral Communication (C or better is required for the Writing sequence)
Mathematics 1 or 2 3-6
Physical & Life Sciences 1 2 7-8 One Life Science and one Physical Science; one must have a lab
Humanities & Fine Arts 3 9 At least one course selected from Humanities and one course from the Fine Arts
Social & Behavioral Science 3 9 Two disciplines must be represented: Anthropology, History, Economics, Human Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Interdisciplinary Social/Behavioral Science
Total 12-13 37-41

1Students with appropriate preparation may substitute an initial major course designed for science majors.

Transfer courses from 1996 and forward will be audited to determine if they will fulfill the model above.

Students Completing IAI GECC Requirements

Students may take SIU Carbondale courses to complete the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum (IAIGECC) prior to transferring to another participating institution. The following IAI codes identify qualifying general education courses:

C (Communications)
F (Fine Arts)
H (Humanities)
HF (Interdisciplinary Humanities and Fine Arts)
L (Life Sciences)
LP (Interdisciplinary Physical and Life Science)
M (Mathematics)
P (Physical Sciences)
S (Social Sciences)

The courses listed on the following page are the SIU Carbondale courses that have been approved for inclusion in the Illinois Transferable General Education Core. These same courses can be found throughout the catalog in their major departments and are designated by [IAI: course number]. Major IAI courses that can be used for lower division major requirements may also be found in their major departments.

IAI General Education Core Courses Offered at SIU Carbondale

IAI Course Number and Title SIU Course SIU Course Title
C1 900 (Writing Course Sequence) ENGL 101 English Composition I
C1 900 (Writing Course Sequence) LING 101 English Composition I for ESL
C1 901R (Writing Course Sequence) ENGL 102 English Composition II
C1 901R (Writing Course Sequence) ENGL 120H Honors Composition
C1 901R (Writing Course Sequence) LING 102 English Composition II for ESL
C2 900 (Oral Communication) CMST 101 Intro: Oral Comm
F1 900 (Music Appreciation) MUS 103 Music Understanding
F1 901 (Music History and Literature I) MUS 357A Music History
F1 905D (Ethnic Tradition Am Music) MUS 203 Diversity / Popular Music
F1 907 (Theater Appreciation) THEA 101 Theater Insight
F2 900 (Art Appreciation) AD 101 Introduction to Visual Culture
F2 901 (History of Western Art I) AD 207A Intro to Art History I
F2 906D (Ethnic Traditions in Am Art) AD 227 History African Am Art
F2 908 (Film Appreciation) ENGL 307I Film as Literary Art
H1 900 (Foreign Language IV) CLAS 201B Intermediate Greek
H1 900 (Foreign Language IV) GER 201B Intermediate German
H2 903N (Non-Western Civilizations) EA 102 East Asian Civilization
H3 900 (Introduction to Literature) ENGL 121 Western Lit Tradition
H3 900 (Introduction to Literature) ENGL 204 Lit Prspect Mod World
H3 900 (Introduction to Literature) ENGL 209 Intro to Genre
H3 910D (American Ethnic Literature) ENGL 205 Cultural Diversity in Amer. Lit.
H3 910D (American Ethnic Literature) ENGL 325 / AFR 325 Black American Writers
H3 911D (Literature and Gender) ENGL 225 / WGSS 225 Women in Literature
H4 900 (Introduction to Philosophy) PHIL 102 Intro to Philosophy
H4 903N (Non-Western Philosophy) PHIL 308I Asian Religions
H4 904 (Ethics) PHIL 104 Ethics
H4 904 (Ethics) PHIL 340 Ethical Theories
H4 906 (Intro to Logic / Critical Thinking PHIL 105 Elementary Logic
H5 905 (Religion in American Society HIST 202 Am Religious Diversity
H9 900 (Interdisciplinary Humanities) CLAS 315I Classical Themes
H9 900 (Interdisciplinary Humanities) PHIL 103B World Humanities II
H9 900 (Interdisciplinary Humanities) PHIL 303I Philosophy and the Arts
H9 901 (Mythology) CLAS 230 Greek Mythology
H9 901 (Mythology) CLAS 230H Greek Mythology-Honors
HF 902 (Western Humanities I) HIST 201 Art, Music, Ideas Western World
HF 904N (Non-Western Humanities) PHIL 103A World Humanities I
HF 906D (Am Ethnic Cultr Expression) PHIL 210 The American Mind
L1 900L (General Education Biology) PLB 115 / ZOOL 115 General Biology
L1 901L (Plants and Society) PLB 117 Plants and Society
L1 902L (Animals and Society) ZOOL 118 Prin. Of Animal Biology
L1 905 (Environmental Biology) ENGR 301I Humans / Environment
L1 905 (Environmental Biology) ZOOL 312I Consrv Natrl Resources
M1 900-0 (College-Level Calculus) MATH 141 Calculus for Bio Sci
M1 900-1 (College-Level Calculus I) MATH 150 Calculus I
M1 900-2 (College-Level Calculus II) MATH 250 Calculus II
M1 900-3 (College-Level Calculus III) MATH 251 Calculus III
M1 904 (General Ed Mathematics) MATH 101 Intro. to Contemporary Math
P1 900 (General Education Physics) PHYS 203A College Physics
P1 900L (General Education Physics) PHYS 253A College Physics Lab
P1 901L (Physics and Society) PHYS 101 Phys That Changed World
P1 902 (General Education Chemistry) CHEM 200 Intro Chem Principles
P1 902L (General Education Chemistry) CHEM 140A Chemistry
P1 902L (General Education Chemistry) CHEM 201 Gen Chemistry Lab I
P1 903L (Chemistry and Society) CHEM 106 Chemistry and Society
P1 907 (Introduction to Geology) GEOL 220 The Dynamic Earth
P1 907 (Introduction to Geology) GEOL 221 Earth Through Time
P1 908 (Environmental Geology) GEOL 111 Geol and Environment
P1 908L (Environmental Geology) GEOL 112 Geol Environment Lab
P1 909L (Physical Geography) GEOG 303I Physical Geography
P2 900 (Calculus-based Physics I) PHYS 205A University Physics
P2 900L (Calculus-based Physics II) PHYS 255A University Physics Lab
S1 900N (Introduction to Anthropology) ANTH 104 Human Experience
S2 900 (United States History I) HIST 300 Origins Am: 1492-1877
S2 901 (United States History II) HIST 301 Mod Am Hist: 1877-Pres
S2 902 (Hist of Western Civilization I) HIST 205A Hist of Western Civ
S2 903 (Hist of Western Civilization II) HIST 205B Hist of Western Civ
S2 920N (History of Latin America I) ANTH 205 Latin American Civ
S3 901 (Principles of Macroeconomics) ECON 241 Intro to Macroecon
S3 902 (Principles of Microeconomics) ECON 240 Intro to Microecon
S4 900N (Intro to Human Geography) GEOG 103 World Geography
S5 900 (Am/U.S. Natl Government I) POLS 114 Intro. American Politics
S5 905 (Comparative Government) POLS 250 Intro Comparative Politics
S6 900 (General Psychology I) PSYC 102 Intro to Psychology
S7 900 (Introduction to Sociology) SOC 108 Intro to Sociology
S7 902 (Marriage and Family) CI 227 / WGSS 286 Relationships and Family Development
S7 903D (Racial and Ethnic Relations) SOC 215 Race / Ethnic Relatn: US
S7 904D (The Sociology of Sex & Gender) SOC 223 / WGSS 223 Introduction to Gender and Society

These courses will be updated periodically. For a complete list or for more information about IAI, visit their website at:

Illinois Articulation Initiative Major Courses

The IAI Major Panels have identified a Common Core of no more than four courses in a subject area generally required at the lower-division at major senior institutions in the State of Illinois. The intention of the Common Core is to provide some guidance to those students who know they would like to major in a particular subject area, but are unsure as to which senior institution they plan to attend to complete their baccalaureate studies.

SIU Carbondale is a participant in IAI individual baccalaureate major agreements. The courses listed below are the SIU Carbondale courses that have been approved for inclusion in the Major Common Core. Check the Illinois Articulation Initiative website for the IAI Baccalaureate Majors’ Recommendations for specific majors at:

IAI Major Common Core Courses Offered at SIU Carbondale

IAI Major Course SIU Course SIU Course Title
AG 901 ABE 204 Food, Fiber and Natural Resources
AG 902 ANS 121 Intro to Animal Science
AG 902 ANS 122 Livestock Production Laboratory
AG 903 CSEM 200 Intro to Crop Science
AG 904 CSEM 240 Soil Science
AG 905 HORT 220 General Horticulture
AG 906 AGSE 170 Intro Physical Prin in Ag
AG 911 AGSE 110 Intro to Agriculture Education
AG 913 AGSE 318 Computers in Agriculture
BUS 901 ACCT 208 Business Data Analysis
BUS 901 ECON 208 Business Data Analysis
BUS 901 FIN 208 Business Data Analysis
BUS 901 MGMT 208 Business Data Analysis
BUS 902 CS 200B Computer Concepts
BUS 902 ITEC 229 Computing for Business Administration
BUS 903 ACCT 220 Accounting I - Financial
BUS 904 ACCT 230 Accounting II - Managerial
CHM 911 CHEM 200 Intro to Chemical Principles
CHM 911 CHEM 201 General Chemistry Lab I
CRJ 901 CCJ 201 Intro to Criminal Justice System
CRJ 911 CCJ 384 Intro to Corrections
CRJ 912 CCJ 290 Intro to Criminological Theory
CRJ 914 CCJ 374 Juvenile Justice
CS 911 CS 202 Intro to Computer Science
CS 912 CS 220 Programming with Data Structures
EGR 931 ENGR 335 Electric Circuits
IND 913 IMAE 208 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes
MC 912 JRNL 301 Principles of Advertising / IMC
MC 913 CMST 281 Intro to Public Relations
MC 918 RTD 360 Electronic Media Performance
MC 919 JRNL 310 Writing for the Mass Media
MC 920 JRNL 312 Editing Across Platforms
MTH 901 MATH 150 Calculus I
MTH 902 MATH 250 Calculus II
MTH 903 MATH 251 Calculus III
MTH 912 MATH 305 Intro to Differential Equations
TA 911 THEA 218A Beginning Stagecraft-Scenery