Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering Faculty

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Ahmed, Shaikh, Professor, Ph.D., Arizona, 2005; 2007. Nanotechnology, semiconductor devices and circuit design, simulation and characterization.

Anagnostopoulous, Iraklis, Associate Professor, Ph.D., National Technical University of Athens, 2014; 2015. Many-core architectures, run-time resource management, embedded systems.

Aruma Baduge, Gayan, Associate Professor, University of Alberta, 2013; 2016. Communications theory, wireless communications, massive MIMO systems, millimeter-wave communications, cooperative relay networks, wireless energy harvesting for IoTs, physical-layer security.

Asrari, Arash, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Central Florida, 2015; 2017. Power systems operation and planning, power systems optimization, smart grid.

Bae, Chilman, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2009.

Chen, Ying, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Duke, 2007; 2007. Biomedical imaging, image reconstruction, digital tomosynthesis, image quality analysis, signal and image processing, simulation and computing.

Haniotakis, Themistoklis, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Athens, 1998.

Kagaris, Dimitrios N., Professor, Ph.D., Dartmouth College, 1994; 1995. VLSI design automation, digital circuit testing, communications networks, biostatistics, bioinformatics.

Komaee, Arash, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 2008; 2015. Control systems, microrobotics, signal processing, estimation theory.

Lu, Chao, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Purdue University, 2012; 2015. VLSI system design, device-circuit co-design, 3D IC.

Phegley, James, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 2001.

Qin, Jun, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Duke University, 2008; 2012. Sensors and instrumentation, data acquisition, medical devices, therapeutic ultrasound, haptics.

Sayeh, Mohammad, Professor, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, 1985; 1986. Neural networks, optical computing, image processing, stochastic modeling, quantum electronics.

Tragoudas, Spyros, Professor and Director, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas, 1991; 1999. Design and test automation for VLSI, embedded systems, computer networks.

Wang, Haibo, Professor, Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2002; 2002. Bioelectronics, biosensors.

Weng, Ning, Professor, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2005; 2005. High performance routers, network processors, system-on-a-chip, computer architectures.

Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering and Energy Processes (MAME) Faculty

Chowdhury, Farhan, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011; 2015. Mechanobiology, single-molecule cell mechanics, biomaterials.

Emeriti Faculty 

Botros, Nazeih, Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1985.

Brown, David P., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1961.

Daneshdoost, Morteza, Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Drexel University, 1984.

Galanos, Glafkos, Professor, Emeritus, University of Manchester, England, 1970.

Gupta, Lalit, Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 1986.

Harackiewicz, Frances J., Professor, Emerita, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1990.

Hatziadoniu, C., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., West Virginia University, 1988.

Osborne, William P., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., New Mexico State University, 1970.

Pourboghrat, Farzad, Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1984.

Smith, James G., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Missouri at Rolla, 1967.

Viswanathan, R., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 1983.