Fermentation Science Requirements

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The Bachelor or Science (B.S.) in Fermentation Science degree will prepare students for careers in fermentation-related industries and will provide graduates with the requisite background to pursue advanced studies in fermentation-related fields, including but not limited to brewing, distilling, and enology.  The program provides interdisciplinary training drawing from disciplines in various schools and the Fermentation Science Institute. Fermentation science involves basic and applied science in several core scientific areas, including microbiology, plant biology, food science and chemistry, as well as the more applied areas of the agricultural sciences.

B.S. Fermentation Science Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 1 39
Requirements for Major in Fermentation Science 28
The following courses are required: FERM 100, FERM 101, FERM 390, FERM 460, FERM 462, FERM 491; HND 101, HND 356; choose 9-10 hours minimum from FERM 180, FERM 181, FERM 300, HORT 333, HORT 466, FERM 480, FERM 489
Major Requirements in Science 47
The following courses are required: BIOL 211, BIOL 212, MICR 301, CHEM 200, CHEM 201, CHEM 202, CHEM 210, CHEM 211, CHEM 212, CHEM 330, CHEM 339 or CHEM 340, CHEM 341; PHYS 203A, PHYS 253A, PHYS 203B, PHYS 253B; MATH 150, MATH 282;
Major Requirements in Hospitality and Business 4
Choose four (4) hours minimum from HTA 202, HTA 206, HTA 335, ECON 240, MGMT 350
Total 120

1 A total of fifteen credit hours of major courses count toward the core.