Public and Nonprofit Administration

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Education in public administration provides students with skills and knowledge necessary for working in the public and nonprofit sectors or agencies that contract with government organizations. It also helps prepare students to design, implement, and evaluate public and nonprofit programs. Students learn to think critically and analytically about public policy and acquire skills that make them more effective citizens in their own communities. 

Public and Nonprofit Administration Minor

The Minor in Public and Nonprofit Administration gives students a focused, interdisciplinary exposure which expands their understanding of management to multiple sectors and better prepares them for blended careers in private and public sector employment. Students completing the minor will also receive perquisite preparation should they decide to enroll in a graduate professional degree program in public administration either continuing their education upon graduation or returning later to facilitate advancement in their career.

A minor in Public and Nonprofit Administration consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours, including PADM 340 and PADM 349. In addition, nine credit hours of approved elective courses are required. At least nine of the 15 credit hours must be taken at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. An advisor within the College of Business and Analytics must be consulted before selecting Public and Nonprofit Administration as a minor. A minor in Public and Nonprofit Administration requires students to earn a minimum grade of C in each of the courses taken to satisfy the requirements for their minor. All prerequisites for the classes must be satisfied.

Core Requirements – 6 credit hours
PADM 340      Introduction to Public Administration
PADM 349      Management of Nonprofit Organizations

Elective Requirements – 9 credit hours
HTEM 351      Destination Management
MGMT 341     Organizational Behavior
MGMT 385     Personnel and Human Resources Management
PADM 322      NPOs and NGOs
PADM 332      Nonprofit Grant Writing
PADM 334      The Management of Public Service Delivery Networks
PADM 335      Public Sector Ethics
PADM 343      Public Budgeting and Finance
PADM 344      Policy Analysis
PADM 347      Nonprofit Fund Raising

Differential Tuition

The College of Business and Analytics assesses differential tuition for College of Business and Analytics majors. The College of Business and Analytics has a “minor program fee” for majors outside of the College of Business and Analytics that want to declare a minor through the College of Business and Analytics. The minor program fee is equal to 15% of 15 credit hours of applicable tuition for declared College of Business and Analytics minors.