Public Safety Management Requirements

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The Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management is an ideal program of study for public safety professionals seeking career advancement in the public safety industry. Admission to the program requires completion of a public safety-related associate degree, prior formal training equivalent to a fire service-related degree, prior public safety-related licensure or certification, or prior employment in a public safety-related field.

The program is offered at off-campus locations and online and is designed to provide practical course work in areas of management and supervision for public safety professionals. Public Safety Management offers a general degree option or a Fire Service Management Specialization. Public Safety Management students complete a set of required courses in the major and then select from one of two sets of directed courses to complete their selected option. Successful graduates are marketable for career enhancing opportunities that include public safety-related management and supervisory positions and other related fields.

The Public Safety Management program has signed articulation agreements with numerous colleges. Check with the Public Safety Management program for a current list.

For additional information about this major, contact the Public Safety Management office at 618-453-5701 or visit

Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Public Safety Management Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 1 39
PSM major courses 48
Required PSM courses: PSM 302, PSM 305, PSM 316, PSM 332, PSM 350, PSM 383, PSM 387, PSM 388, PSM 421, and PSM 450 30
Choose one of the two options below:
General Public Safety Management Program 18
Upper-division PSM or other courses approved by program
Fire Service Management Specialization 18
PSM 360, PSM 390, PSM 398, PSM 406, PSM 410, and 3 hours of upper-division PSM or other courses approved by program
Approved Career Electives (Formal course work or its equivalent that is public service-related and technical, managerial, or supervisory in nature) 30
General Electives 3-12
Total 120

1 The Capstone Option reduces University Core Curriculum requirement to 30 hours for eligible students.

Capstone Option for Transfer Students

The SIU Capstone Option may be available to eligible students who have earned an associates degree or the equivalent. The Capstone Option reduces the University Core Curriculum requirements from 39 to 30 hours, therefore reducing the time to degree completion. Those seeking the Capstone Option must meet all eligibility criteria no later than the end of their first semester in the bachelor's degree program. See the Capstone Option section for more information on this option.