Recreation Professions Requirements

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The Recreation Professions major prepares students for positions and careers in the recreation management, outdoor leadership and management, and therapeutic recreation field. The curriculum, built on a broad core, offers professional courses within the program and draws from many related majors for competencies and skills in the preparation of professionals for the recreation field. The curriculum emphasizes the practical and theoretical aspects of recreation by offering supervised field experience and internships in various recreational settings throughout Illinois and the nation.

In order to be admitted to practicum courses, students must have a grade point average of 2.50 and the consent of the instructor. Students who do not meet the requirements must be screened and approved by the program undergraduate faculty.

Students majoring in recreation professions are required to complete 39 hours of University Core Curriculum courses, 43 hours of recreation core courses and 38 hours of specialty track courses. A grade of C or better is required in all Recreation prefix required courses. Students may not enroll in REC 300, REC 301, REC 302, and REC 305 more than two times without faculty consent.

Students majoring in recreation professions should meet early in their college careers with a faculty member in the program to identify their area of interest and recommended electives. Within the field of recreation, certifications may be required for employment in different interest areas and faculty will discuss these with interested students. All students are encouraged to obtain First Aid and/or Wilderness First Responder Certification.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Recreation Professions Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 39
REC Core Requirements 43
6 hours of 200 level REC-prefix courses
REC 300, REC 301, REC 302, REC 303, REC 305, REC 306, REC 307, REC 330, REC 365; 1 of REC 491, REC 493
One specialization: Recreation Management, Outdoor Leadership and Management, Therapeutic Recreations 38
Total 120

B.S. Recreation Professions - Outdoor Leadership and Management Specialization Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
REC 429, REC 430, REC 431, REC 432, REC 445 15
1 of: REC 426, REC 427, REC 428 3
Option A: Adventure Education Track: REC 401, REC 423, REC 433 9
Option B: Outdoor Industry Track: REC 467, MGMT 304, MKTG 304 or equivalent course approved by the REC faculty 9
Option C: Camp & Community Track: REC 466, POLS 447, POLS 449 9
Electives 11
Total 38

B.S. Recreation Professions - Recreation Management Specialization Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
REC 425, REC 465, REC 466, REC 467, REC 468 15
ACCT 220 3
ISAT 229 or CS 200B 3
PSYC 323 3
Electives (May be subject to certification requirements) 14
Total 38

B.S. Recreation Professions - Therapeutic Recreation Specialization Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
REC 404, REC 405, REC 406, REC 407, REC 460, REC 461 18
REC 425 or REC 436 3
PSYC 331 3
AH 241 4
PH 311 3
Electives 7
Total 44

Recreation Leadership Minor

The Recreation Leadership Minor is designed to provide knowledge in the core competencies of Recreation Professions. The coursework develops students’ understanding of the basic concepts, theories and fundamentals in the Recreation Profession and have the ability to demonstrate basic skill level in selected recreation activities. Students earning the minor will be competent in implementing programming of recreational programs for various populations.

The minor in Recreation Professions is open to all majors. With completion of 15 credit hours in approved courses, students earn a minor in Recreation Leadership. The coursework consists of 15 credit hours from a combination of the Recreation Profession core courses and the REC 200-level activity courses. Students will enroll in REC 300 Introduction to Recreation, REC 301 Leadership in Recreation and choose one course from REC 302 Program Design and Evaluation, REC 303 Inclusive Recreation or REC 330 Outdoor Recreation. The remaining six credit hours will be chosen from an area of interest in outdoor recreation, recreational therapy or recreation administration selected from the REC 200-level courses.

Recreation Leadership Minor Course Requirements- 15 credit hours:

REC 300 Introduction to Recreation
REC 301 Leadership in Recreation
REC 302 Program Design and Evaluations, REC 303 Inclusive Recreation or REC 330 Outdoor Recreation
Select 6 credit hours from: REC 200-level courses