Radio, Television, & Digital Media Faculty

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Brookshire, Cody, Assistant Professor, Music Composition, DMA, University of Georgia, 2018; 2020. Music composition, sound art/soundscapes, sound design, electronic music, audio engineering, audio/music technology, audio/music production, arts collaboration, immersive audio, spatialized sound.

Brooten, Lisa B., Associate Professor, Media Studies, Ph.D., Ohio University, 2003; 2002. Media and globalization, gender, alternative media, social movements, political communication, interpretive/critical research methods, ethnography.

Burns, David R., Associate Professor, Digital Media Arts and Animation, M.F.A., Parsons School of Design, 2001; 2005. 3D computer animation, media arts practices, media arts theory; technology, culture, and society; memory and post-memory.

Galloway, R. Dennis, Senior Lecturer, Media Production, B.A., California University of Pennsylvania, 1978; 2013. New production technology.

Kreider, Wago, Associate Professor, Media Production, M.F.A., Rutgers University, 2002; 2006. Experimental and documentary media production, sound studies and production, cinematic histories, architectural and environmental studies.

Lewison, Sarah, Associate Professor, Media Production, M.F.A., University of California, San Diego, 2001; 2007. Video art, social movements, environmental media, installation, live art and performance.

Motyl, H. D., Associate Professor and Interim Dean, Media Production and Screenwriting, M.F.A., Northwestern University, 1990; 2007. Film/Video production and screen writing, narrative, gay representation.

Needham, Jay, Professor, Audio Production, M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts, 1989; 2003. Video, film, digital audio production, and electro-acoustic music.

Padovani, Cinzia, Associate Professor, Media Studies, Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1999; 2005. Historical approaches to political economy, public service broad-casting, international communication, social movements and the media.

Pape, Jennifer, Assistant Professor of Practice, Audio Production, M.F.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2017; 2017.  Music composition and performance. Audio documentaries, radio dramas, and sound art.

Perkins-Buzo, Reid, Associate Professor, Media Arts, M.F.A., Northwestern University, 2004. 2014. 2D/3D animation, game development, virtual reality, augmented reality, expanded reality, spherical (360°) video production and interactive media.

Spahr, Robert, Associate Professor and Interim Chair Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media, Media Arts, M.F.A., Parsons School of Design, New York City, 1991; 2009. Explores the Internet using code-based automated art, live art performance, drawing, painting, sculpture and time-based media.

Thompson, Jan, Professor and Director of the School of Journalism, Documentary Production, M.G.S., Roosevelt University, 1988; 2000. Video production, documentary, sports production.

Emeriti Faculty

Downing, John D. H., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., London School of Economics and Political Science, 1974.

Gher, Leo, Associate Professor, Emeritus, M.S., Southern Illinois University, 1980.

Hochheimer, John L., Professor, Emeritus, Ph.D., Stanford University, 1986.

Johnson, Phylis, Professor, Emerita, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2003.

Keller, Kenneth R., Associate Professor, Emeritus, M.TV. University of Illinois, 1966.

Lemish, Dafna, Professor, Emerita, Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1982.

Meehan, Eileen R., Professor, Emerita, Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1983.