Technical Resource Management Requirements

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Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Applied Engineering and Technology is to provide value to our stakeholders through innovation in applied engineering education.

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Resource Management (TRM) is specifically designed for those students who have entered into a technically-oriented career path for which a traditional baccalaureate degree may not be available. This degree program is a degree completion program (juniors and seniors only). The TRM degree is ideally suited for students with a community college Associate in Applied of Sciences (A.A.S.) technical degree, technical institute occupational degree, individuals with military training/schools and experience, and trade apprenticeship and journeyman education and experience. Further this degree can also provide a bridge for those seeking re-entry into the workforce following displacement due to personnel, organizational, or other general economic factors.

The TRM curriculum focuses on preparing technically-oriented individuals for career advancement into supervisory, leadership/management, and entrepreneurial roles in their fields of technical expertise. Foundational coursework further provides in depth understanding and application in the fundamentals of project management, quality management, management and leadership of personnel in technical environments, data analysis, and professional communications within technical environments. Additionally, each student works with the program advisor to design an academic plan that reflects his or her specific career goals.

The TRM degree program is offered in two delivery formats: 1) traditional on-campus face-to-face classes, and 2) fully online.

General admission to the TRM program requires a 2.0 GPA. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree in Technical Resource Management are encouraged to contact a program representative as early as the first semester at their community college. For more information, contact the School of Applied Engineering and Technology.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Technical Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Resource Management requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, to be completed in accordance with SIU Degree Requirements (see University Core Curriculum section). In addition to University Core Curriculum and TRM courses, students can select from a specialization or minor, so they can develop an individualized plan of study that complements their professional aspirations.

B.S. Technical Resource Management Degree Requirements

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 1 39
Requirements for Major in Technical Resource Management 39
TRM Core Requirements (or approved equivalents): TRM 316, TRM 364, TRM 383, TRM 425, TRM 464, and TRM 470 18
TRM Support Courses, select from: TRM 332, TRM 361, TRM 362, TRM 363E, TRM 421, TRM 440, or approved equivalents 6
Approved Electives (specialization or individualized plan) 15
Career Electives 42
An Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) from an accredited institution meets this requirement. An approved apprenticeship or a maximum of 30 semester hours of internship, work experience credit, or independent study may be part of these 42 hours.
Total 120

1 The Capstone Option reduces University Core Curriculum requirement to 30 hours.

Organizational Development Specialization

The Organizational Development specialization provides students with a comprehensive curriculum in the management of technical enterprises. Students who select the specialization will have the opportunity to explore the labor-management relationship, the relevance of technology and innovation to international trade, the management of a sustainable enterprise, the fiscal and legal aspects of management, and the professional development of the individual, as well as selected special topics. The broad perspective of the specialization equips graduates for mid-level positions in most any industry.

The specialization includes the 18 credit hours of the TRM Core Requirements plus a total of 15 credit hours of TRM Support Courses to be selected from the following: TRM 332, TRM 361, TRM 362, TRM 363E, TRM 421, TRM 440.

Capstone Option for Transfer Students

The Capstone Option may be available to eligible students who have earned an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree or the equivalent. The Capstone Option reduces University Core Curriculum requirements from 39 to 30 hours, therefore reducing the time to degree completion. See the Capstone Option section for more information on this option.