Academic Load

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The University considers 12 credit hours as the minimum number to constitute full-time attendance. Academic programs are designed for four year completion; 15 credit hours a semester (fall and spring), or 30 credit hours a year. This is the figure used for enrollment reporting purposes on the undergraduate level. Academic load guidelines are as follows:

Load Regular Semester 8-Week Summer Session
Minimum load for full time  12 6
Average Load 15-16 7-8
Maximum Load without deans' approval 18 12
Maximum Load1 21 12

1This maximum may be exceeded by special request of the respective academic dean and approval from the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Rarely is this exception allowed more than once in the student’s academic career.

Students on scholastic probation may not take more than 14 credit hours without approval of the dean of their academic unit. Students employed full-time at the University may not register for more than eight hours.