Scholastic Probation and Suspension System

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Students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward a degree, certificate or other approved objective. To ensure that students are making progress, their records are checked against the regulations below.

Scholastic Probation

When a student’s cumulative University average falls below a C average (2.0), the student will be placed on scholastic probation. A student on scholastic probation may continue enrollment at the University provided the student is not placed on scholastic suspension, which will occur if the student’s subsequent term average is below 2.0. A student will be reinstated to good standing when the cumulative University average reaches 2.0 or above.

While on scholastic probation students may not enroll for more than 14 hours per semester unless approved to do so by the dean of their academic unit. The academic unit within which the students are enrolled may establish other limitations.

Transfer Students Admitted on Probation

Transfer students admitted on scholastic probation will remain in that status until they have earned at least a C average at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. If they earn below a C average for any session while on scholastic probation, they will be placed on scholastic suspension.

Scholastic Suspension

Students will be scholastically suspended from the University if they (1) fail to meet the requirements of their conditional or probational status or (2) are enrolled full time their first term of enrollment, and earn a GPA of 0.00. Students placed on Scholastic Suspension may be readmitted after a minimum of two semesters’ interruption (excluding Summer session) but must furnish tangible evidence that additional education can be successfully undertaken. Continuing students (those suspended at the end of the immediately preceding term) may not change academic units, nor may those readmitted prior to the end of the normally required two semester period of separation from the University. Some academic units have scholastic requirements in addition to the overall University requirements listed here. Students must comply with the University requirements as well as those requirements applying to individual schools and colleges. Appeals must be approved at the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Decisions by the Provost are final.