Positive and Negative Quality Points

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Positive and negative quality points are assigned to grades above or below a C. There are two methods to figure points depending upon the information, which is available.

Grades. The SalukiNet grade report, which is updated at the end of each semester, lists the hours used in calculating the average and the quality points earned. Since C has a value of two quality points on a four-point scale, quality points equaling a C average are exactly twice the number of quality hours. All quality points over that amount are positive quality points. All quality points under the amount are negative quality points.

For example:

Quality Hours            Quality Points          Grade Point Average

            60              =               120            =             (C) 2.0

Twice the quality hours equals 120 quality points. This is a C (2.0) average. A student with 60 quality hours and only 115 quality points would have five negative points (1.92) average. A student with 30 quality hours and 55 quality points would have five negative points (1.83) average.

Grades and Hours of Credit Available. Whenever all grades and hours of credit are known and quality points have not been assigned as on SalukiNet, a simple method is to assign positive and negative points as follows:

For example:

3 hours of A x 2 positive points = 6 positive points
3 hours of B x 1 positive point = 3 positive points
3 hours of C x 0 points = 0
2 hours of D x 1 negative point = 2 negative points
4 hours of F x 2 negative points = 8 negative points
4 hours of WF x 2 negative points = 8 negative points

The above example shows eighteen negative points combined with only nine positive points, resulting in a GPA of nine negative points.

Negative points are also used to easily determine exactly what grades must be earned to raise the average to C. For example, a student with eight negative points could raise the average to C by earning four hours of A grade or eight hours of B grade, assuming all other grades earned are at least C.