Repeat Policy

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For students receiving a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F, the course repetition must occur at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Only the most recent (last) grade will be calculated in the institutions overall GPA and count toward hours earned even if that grade is an F.

This policy will be applied to all transferable credit in that only the last grade will be used to calculate grade point average for those courses taken at the same institution. The appropriate repeat policy will be applied to work completed during that period of registration for the purpose of calculating the transfer grade point average. Duplicate credit will be counted in the GPA but a student who has passed a course may not be given credit for the same course taken elsewhere.

Grade Point Average and Scholastic Standing

The matter of scholastic standing is quite often of importance to students both while in school and later when they present a transcript of their educational record in support of their application for employment or additional schooling.

At the end of each semester or session of attendance, SalukiNet is updated for each student showing, in addition to the grades earned that semester or session, the scholastic standing and the grade point average for that semester or session and for the overall record at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. It is important that you understand the University’s system for computing grade point averages and the various grade point average requirements.

Transferred grades are not to be used in determining students’ calculated SIU grade point averages, except that transfer students who are admitted on probationary status will be required to earn a 2.0 average semester by semester before they can be removed from probation.

The significance of the above should be clearly understood by transfer students when studying the general baccalaureate degree requirements. A 2.0 (C) average is required for the work taken at this University.

In computing a student’s grade point average (GPA), all grades of A, B, C, D, F, and WF are included in determining the number of quality hours.  Each hour of these grades (one hour of A is worth four quality points) is given its numerical quality points, which are then divided by the total number of quality hours to determine the student’s GPA.  For further details about computing a GPA, see